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Approaching TRANSPORTATION with a different mindset

Connectivity • Access • Mobility

Let’s think about transportation differently. Let’s talk about the future of mobility. How we move around Miami-Dade is changing and Oliver wants to ensure that we are ready.

Daily our Miami-Dade residents spend a third of their day in traffic. It’s unnecessary, unsafe and unacceptable. Making it easier and safer for residents to get to work, school, or a doctor’s appointment is critical to the quality of life and well-being of our community. Let’s think about bikes, scooters, trains, trolleys, and autonomous and electric vehicles. The future of transportation is fully addressing all mobile platforms that will provide more affordable access for all residents.

Just as he did when he created the Miami Gardens Express Trolley, Oliver will work to improve our mobility by increasing access to public transit, adding additional bus routes, extending rail service to the Northern portion of the county as well as expand our thinking to include new and innovative forms of transportation that decrease our carbon footprint.


Designing Smart and Responsible GROWTH

Ecosystems • Sustainability • Connection

We live in an ecosystem that is connected. Infrastructure is connected to economic development. Economic development is connected to sustainable communities and neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are connected to parks, jobs, public safety and more.

Oliver understands how the ecosystem works. One area cannot be successful without the other. When we silo the systems, problems arise. Oliver has successfully navigated the ecosystems in Miami Gardens bringing in over $100 million in economic development projects which are directly tied to job creation while building the necessary infrastructure on parks for youth to have places to learn and grow. All of this planning and implementation creates a place where residents want to live, work and play.

A place where graduates can return, work and have access to affordable, workforce housing. And ultimately, a place that understands that connection of the ecosystems.



Entrepreneurship • Innovation • Economic Engines

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and essential to the success of our community. Not all small businesses stay small. Many small businesses scale and grow into major players on the national economic stage, therefore, creating new economies for other small businesses to succeed.

Understanding that small businesses change the fabric of the community by providing jobs and driving the economy of the area around it. Oliver established a small business assistance program, helping residents turn their talent and dream into opportunity and entrepreneurship. Oliver will continue to empower not only women and minority-owned businesses but all businesses, helping them thrive and succeed.


Building Better COMMUNITIES

Homeownership • Economic Development • Capacity

Building neighborhood capacity is crucial for sustainable communities. Homeownership is key to keeping communities stable. Unfortunately, homeownership is becoming less attainable and more expensive. Whether it is young families who are just starting out or seniors who are deeply rooted in the community, Oliver is committed to establishing initiatives to help them improve and maintain their homes thereby creating sustainable and inclusive communities.

Homeownership is just one piece of the capacity building puzzle. Plugging in economic development, educational opportunities and access to jobs are the other pieces to building better blocks.


Protecting Parks and the ENVIRONMENT

Open Spaces • Recreation • Climate

Protecting our parks, green spaces, and natural resources are vital to the survival of our community. Parks and public spaces are where we spend time with our families, and where our children explore. Parks and public spaces are simply put a necessary thread in the fabric of our communities. These are places that help drive local economic activity through sporting events and job creation. These are places that improve the quality of life and health for residents. Parks and public spaces are gathering places, beautification spots, and tree hubs.

Oliver knows these facts well. He successful proposed and passed a $60 million general obligation bond to restore, refurbish and construct parks in Miami Gardens creating spaces for children and families to learn, to recreate and to build community. He will continue this work for Miami-Dade.


Making Communities SAFER

Partnerships • Collaboration • Accountability

The safety of our residents is paramount. We are in this together. Communities are safer when we work together to understand that through strategic partnerships and collaboration, we can build the community we desire.

From intentional program creation for youth to access to education and jobs for adults, communities are made safer by offering alternatives. Oliver walks this walk every day. Building parks, establishing new lighting districts, hiring officers from Miami Gardens, and visiting every public school in the city are just some of the ways he builds community. When residents have pride in where they live and in the people who serve them, their accountability to the overall community rises. Safety begins at home with small steps. Oliver realizes that there is much work to do but he has already taken both small and large steps with positive outcomes. He knows how to get this work done.